frequently asked questions (faq)

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The documentary is a collation of interview (question-answer) audio recordings, together with video and photo images picked by you and uploaded at locations of your choice. Click on "view sample" in any of the categories to see an example of such a documentary.

The documentary is created using our guided, step-by-step process which includes the following stages: Introduction, View & Edit Questions, Interview, Add Images, and Project Overview. For a detailed, step-by-step description of the process, please see our tutorial.

Only a person that has your password may edit your project. If you would like a family member, or a friend, to partake in the project, you can inform them of your email and password, and they too will have access.

At the end of the project, you will be able to create a "contacts list", where emails addresses can be added for those you wish to share your documentary with. Our site will email them a link to your documentary for you.


If you wish to record in video, you will need either a web cam, or a video camera. The system will be able to tell whether you have these installed on your computer, and will alert you if not. You may either record directly on your computer, or upload video files already on your computer onto the site.

In order to record in audio, you will need to use a microphone, which either came built-in with your computer, or can attached externally (usually via USB). The system will automatically identify your equipment settings, and will alert you if something is missing.


In the "personal life story" category, you may record up to 10 hours (audio) over a 3 month period. In the "special events" category, you may record up to 3 hours over a 3 month period. In the "children's diary" category, you may record up to 3 hours per month.

In the "personal life story" and "special events" categories, you are given 3 months to create your documentary. If you need additional time or want to further edit your project at a later date, you may renew, or extend, this period by another 30 days, for a $10 fee. In the "children's diary" category, your project may lasts as long as you wish, given your subsciption hasn't expired.

Your project will always be saved on our site. You will always be able to see your project, and to pass it on to others. In the "personal life story" and "special events" categories, you are given 3 months to complete your project. Afterwards, you may receive a 30 day extension at any time, for a fee ($10).


Your project is only shared with people you've added to your "contact list". If you indicate that you would like certain friends or family members to receive a link to your project, will email them for you. However, if you do not wish for any of them to further pass along your link to others, please make sure to let them know of this directly.

We take your privacy very seriously (please see our Privacy Policy), and take extra security precautions to guard against intrusion, or harm, against our website and its database.


You can add as many pictures and videos as you like to your project. Videos should not exceed 30MB each.


Although our site is in English, it does support other languages as well. In the future, we plan to fully translate it to numerous languages for the benefit of many around the world.