about us

about us
Our Mission

The Talking Memories mission is to help people of all ages and from all backgrounds preserve their most cherished moments and memories with the aid of our user-friendly software platform. Through our technology, we hope to empower people to preserve their memories so that they can be a source of inspiration, education and pleasure for years, decades and generations to come.

Personal Life Story

Preserve your life story, for the sake of present and future generations. Follow our easy-to-use interview and record yourself in audio, video, and photo images. You may edit, add, or delete any part of your project, at any time during the process. When you’re done, view and share your private documentary with loved ones online.

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or watch a sample of a personal life story documentary.

Children's Diary

The children's diary is a wonderful way for parents to share their thoughts and feelings with their child, as he or she grows up. Record milestones and special moments in audio, video, and photo images anytime you like in a neat, guided and user-friendly way. Your child's memories will be cherished forever!

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Special Events

Whether it's a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or a family vacation, your special event can now be easily preserved in audio, video, and photo images. Follow our simple, guided, and user-friendly tools to record and share those memorable moments with friends and family alike.

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The Company

Talking Memories is a part of Talking Medias LLC, a private held company founded in 2007 and incorporated in the state of Delaware.